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Our Origins

We are a small, Christian-based farm located in Middle Georgia, that uses regenerative and sustainable farming practices, including “no-till”, “Back to Eden”, Permaculture methods to grow the most nutritiously dense foods. Along with these practices, we work with God’s creation, rather than fighting it by use of chemicals—yes this includes pests!! We refrain from using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our land. Our annual fruits and veggies are hand-grown from select non-GMO, heritage seeds. The perennial fruit and nut bushes and trees are obtained from responsible nurseries who also adhere to our standards of non-GMO/non-
chemical. We believe that God gave us this land and creation to care for—well! Our goal is stewardship with all of nature, and this includes nurturing all organisms, even those living within the soil. All creatures have an important place in our eco-system, and we trust that if our eco-system is well-balanced, this significantly reduces stress on the Earth and our resources.

Currently, we are growing annual and perennial fruits, vegetables and nuts while raising chickens for eggs and protein. Our birds are happy, healthy, free ranging when able (weather and predator permitting) and have 100% access to fresh air and sunshine.

Our vision for our little farm is to provide healthy sustainment for ourselves and for others in
our community:

  • Providing healthy starter plants that have proven to grow well in this zone, including properly grafted fruit trees

  • Raw nuts (pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts), shelled and whole

  • Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, including root vegetables and herbs

  • Dehydrated fruits and herbs

  • True farm fresh chicken eggs

  • Whole chicken broilers that have been grass-grazed and fed non-GMO supplemental feed

  • Sugar cane syrup

  • Fermented foods

  • Providing lay education with regards to sustainable growing/living

  • Assisting our community with backyard gardening and backyard chicken care

  • Providing sustainable landscaping services that incorporate edibles

Please keep in mind that our farm is young, and it will take some time for our babies to grow and produce. We will continue to keep our site updated with products as they become available. Be sure to reach out to us with any questions you have or services that you need!

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